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Ways to Choose the Best Sydney Catering Services

A wedding is all about fun, partying, decoration and having food of choice at will. But the real headache is for the event organizer as he has to arrange everything with utter perfection. One slight mistake can lead to a blame of a lifetime and the most important thing to consider is the food. This is why the first thing they do is get in touch with a reliable and experienced food caterer. This is the case with almost every city of the world and this has led to the growth of a number of wedding caterers.

The speed of growth is too much and this has become a chaotic situation for the organizers as they have to work hard to find the most reliable one. However, with a few simple tips, it becomes very easy to get in touch with the most reliable ad talented wedding caterers.

Availability of the service provider

Firstly, it is very important to see that the caterer is available on your event’s dates. Only when the availability is confirmed, you can take the follow-up steps of booking or checking the rates. But it is important to understand that selection process is time consuming and you have sufficient time to give to your searching process. Ideally, you should commence your searching at least 9-10 months before the main event date. The earlier you choose is better because booking at the last stages of wedding date will make you pay extended catering bills.

Your budget and the cost of the caterer

These are two other very important things to take care of. There are several caterers that provide Sydney catering services and it is important that you consider your budget. Moreover, you also have to consider that the caterer is ready to offer its Sydney catering services in your budget. Ideally, it happens that the wedding caterers come up with different pre-made catering packages. You have the liberty to select the most ideal one or even go for customized one that suits your budget and requirements. You need to consider what are the things included and what are excluded. Moreover, it is important to review that whether the included things are useful for you or not. As said above, you can always trim down a package to exclude the things that you don’t need and include those that you think might be useful.

Quality of the food

This is perhaps the most important thing to take care of because the quality of taste is the biggest parameter that defines its success. Thus, it is important that you select the most experienced wedding caterers for you. To find the best, you need to see the portfolio of the caterer where he should have the photographs of the food that he has prepared. In the search process, you will come across some wedding caterers who will also offer cooking class Sydney and this is a USP of the best caterer. Prior to taking the final decision, it is better to ask the caterer to offer you the sample of the food that you want him to prepare for your event. This will help you determine what you are going to present before your guests in your event. You will get acquainted with the taste, style, presentation method and several other aspects of the Sydney catering services offered by the catering firm.

Tips on Making a Perfect Food Choice for Your Wedding

A perfect wedding catering service is all that can help you in availing your guests with perfect choice for foodstuffs. To talk about the facts, selection of the caterer is one of the key essentials that hold direct impacts over the overall feedbacks for the event. This is one of the most crucial elements that are counted for proper planning of your event. A professional and veteran caterer can help you in sensing the ease while managing the event. Here are some essential tips that can help you while dealing with these caterers.

  1. Make sure that you have already determined your budget before hiring the services. This is certainly a safe way of staying within the financial statement that is already sketched by you! This can certainly be tough process but is equally essential for proper management.
  2. Do not forget to enquire about the cancelation policy of the foodstuff from your caterer. This can help you in staying prepared for the unforeseen requirements at wedding as well.
  3. Make sure that you have done enough homework about the wedding catering service for which the catering banner is being hired. Check the official web link and menu option. Apart from this, you can also enquire about the charges and feedbacks from the past clients who have experienced. They can help you in knowing the quality of food products that are served to guests by your picked caterer!
  4. Schedule the appointment with the caterer and help him in knowing the specific that are being stressed upon by you and your guests. This information is highly useful for the service provider and satisfying you and your guests.
  5. Check the sample food and judge the caterer accordingly. This will help you in staying assured about the quality which is being expected and invested upon.
  6. You can also enquire about the food items that will be counted in the menu. In case if you hold the desire to add more items, you can suggest the options before the date of your wedding.
  7. There are various people who stay specific about other factors as well. Most of them want a particle kind of cutlery or linens at their wedding. In case if you are also one of these, you must inform your service provider about this desire.

Make sure that you have enquired about the facts and not involved in self-assumption. By doing this, you can avert from complexities in near future!


Tips on Choosing Wedding Shoes

Women have a strange relationship with their shoes. On a gloomy day, give the woman a pair of sexy high heels and all her blues will vanish into thin air! Since shoes can have such an impact on a woman’s psyche, she should think ten times when buying a pair for the happiest day of her life i.e. her wedding day. Everything, right from look to color to feel of the wedding shoes has to be perfect. The shoes should be such that they enhance the beauty of her dress and at the same time, make her so comfortable that she can truly enjoy her special day!

Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Shoe

Fashion and style, if you thought that these are the only two criteria for choosing wedding shoes, think again! You would need a whole lot of common sense to go with it, when selecting your wedding shoes. So, here is tip number one for selecting the perfect bridal shoe, look at the wedding venue and the weather in which the wedding is taking place. For instance, if it’s an outdoor wedding in the summers, strappy sandals would be a good choice and that too minus the pencil heels, as they might dig into the ground, making you uncomfortable while walking! On the other hand, if the wedding is in winters, closed shoes, which protect your feet from the cold, will be the ideal choice. Peep toes are one option that can go in any weather.

The kind of wedding that you have planned is an important criteria in determining your wedding shoes too. For instance, if you have planned a beach wedding or are having a casual affair, flip flops, which today are available in plethora of designs and colors, will suit your wedding dress. On the other hand, if you are having a formal wedding, at the church or at a banquet, go in for classy, elegant, high-heeled shoes or sandals.

Next, consider your wedding gown. Here, one very important tip is that when you are deciding on your wedding gown, take a pair of shoes which have the same heel lengths as the shoes that you plan to wear at the wedding. This will unsure that the shoes fit in nicely with the wedding dress. Secondly, when you set out for shoe shopping, carry a sample of your wedding gown fabric with you, so that the shoe color matches exactly with your wedding dress color. Remember, all white shades are not the same! Another thing to look for is the kind of embellishments that are there on the gown. If the gown is too lacy or has a lot of embroidery, crystals, etc. on it, go in for plain looking (yet smart) shoes, to even out the effect. However, if the wedding gown is slightly simple, go for fancy shoes with embellishments, to spice up the overall look!

Last, but not the least, choose the material of the shoes carefully. If you want a different kind of look, go in for leather shoes. If you want to look all feminine, get shoes made in fabrics such as silk, velvet, satin and lace. When choosing the fabric, see to it that it complements your wedding gown. The material of the hemlines will help you decide the fabric of your shoes. For instance, if the hemlines have lace on them, shoes made from the same would gel with it. On the other hand, if the wedding dress is made from a soft, shiny material, satin shoes would look more appealing.

Here’s hoping that with these tips, you will have a pair, which will make you feel desirable, happy and sexy, on the most special day of your life. One last tip before I sign off – walk in your wedding shoes a couple of times, before your wedding. This will ensure that you get used to them and there are no surprises or glitches on the D day!

Tips on Decorating Your Wedding Shoes

A few years back, the last thing on a bride’s mind, when planning her wedding, used to be her wedding shoes. Reason being that most brides opted for full-length wedding gowns, which concealed the footwear and hence, brides did not want to pay attention to something that no one could actually see! However, this trend is fast changing now, considering that so many brides today are opting for unconventional dresses which end at the knee, and flip flops, flat slippers, etc. instead of pumps, stilettos, and slingbacks, as footwear! Today’s brides are also very different in their thinking and want to wear and look the best on the most special day of their life, whether someone else notices or not! That’s why, lots of brides today are curious to know about ways to decorate their wedding shoes, so that they can brighten up and enhance the beauty of the otherwise very dull-looking, white shoes.

Pearls, Beads, Rhinestones, Lace…
The simplest thing that you can do is to add a few faux pearls or rhinestones or a delicate lace to them. For this, all you have to do is to get hot glue, put it on the area of the shoe where you want to add these embellishments and then stick them on. Choose amongst pearls, rhinestones, beads or lace, depending upon the wedding dress. If the dress has lace, use the same on the shoe. If the dress is a bit plain, add some rhinestones to up the glamor quotient. If you do not want to go over the top with embellishments, simply stick some beads to the shoe heels and give them an interesting twist!

Add some colorful ribbons to your shoes. If your dress is knee or calf length, you can add the ribbons to your shoes, take them up to your lower leg and then tie attractive knots with them in the front, for everyone to see!

Painted Designs…
Want to attract the attention of all the invitees to your feet? Simply have a few unique designs painted on your white shoes in some bright color! You can either get it done by a friend who is good at painting or you can do it yourself by using stencils. Paint designs that are so you – fairies, butterflies, stars, paint anything or any symbol close to your heart!

Add feathers in different colors to your shoes. Stick a few in the front and some at the back, near the heel. The feathers can make the shoe look heavy, so consider this embellishment for a winter wedding or for a traditional wedding at the church.

Clip-on Accessories…
These days, there are clip-on accessories available, which are especially designed to enhance the look of wedding shoes. These accessories can be added to the straps of your shoes, to the toes and near the heel as well. You have a wide variety of designs and shapes in clip-on accessories to choose from. Flowers, hearts, stars – choose any shape and make your shoes attractive.

Silk Flowers…
Get a few flowers stitched in silk fabric and stick them on your shoes. Choose the same flowers as those you have selected for your wedding bouquet. Or get the flowers stitched in the same fabric color as is used in most of your wedding decorations. Stick these flowers on your wedding shoes, to lend them an airy, natural and spring feel.

Apart from decorating your wedding shoes, you should also choose the perfect one. So, when selecting shoes for your wedding, see to it that they are comfortable and weather/venue appropriate. For instance, do not go in for high-heeled shoes for a beach wedding as they will make you feel very uncomfortable. Also, once you have selected and decorated your wedding shoes, walk in them for a few days in your house, to get comfortable. This will ensure that you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest, without any worries, in your beautiful shoes!

Offbeat Wedding Shoe Ideas for You

There are three things that a bride looks for in her wedding shoes. Style, style, and style. OK. That might be a tad exaggerated. But there’s no overlooking the fact that more and more brides are opting for shoes that are more individualistic than traditional. And while style is still a key factor that they consider while picking a pair, they’re veering towards options that are unorthodox, yet befitting their overall appearance on the wedding day. This Buzzle article will take you into this world of offbeat wedding shoes.

1. Restyled Sneakers
2. Flip-flops and Sandals
3. Comfy Flats
4. Chic Boots
5. Colored Shoes
6. Kitschy Stuff

Restyled Sneakers

Shoes are probably one of the main factors that determine the mood of the blushing bride on the big day. You may wear shoes that look like (and probably also cost) a million bucks, but if you’re going to be on your feet for a major portion of the day, it only makes sense to wear shoes that are comfortable. That doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be boring. Fancy up a pair of sneakers like shown in the images here: use colored laces, add some sparkle, or pick one in gold or silver. They’re cute, they’re practical, and they’re perfect for every aspect of the wedding, from walking down the aisle, to standing during the entire ceremony, to dancing at the reception.

Flip-flops and Sandals

So, you’re going to be a beach bride, is it? You simply can-not wear a pair of exquisite pumps and end up twisting an ankle ‘coz the heel kept sinking into the sand. Welcome refurbished flip-flops and sandals that can make you look like the ethereal bride that you want to be. Make them sparkle with something as simple as a bunch of beads and stones, add some color with a big flower, or just pick a comfy pair in a color you like. There are so many things you can do, that you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Comfy Flats

Flat wedding shoes, as opposed to their high-heeled counterparts, have a number of benefits. They help even out the height difference if the groom is shorter than the bride. They’re comfortable to the moon and back. They’re perfect for a bride who’s aiming for a dainty look. They’re available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. They can be as easily glammed up as any other shoe on this list. Need we say more?

Chic Boots

Wanna do something totally crazy? Wanna watch your guests’ jaws drop? Or maybe you just want to have a ranch wedding? Whatever reason you can come up with, use it to flaunt gorgeous boots with your wedding dress. Stylish, sexy, and warm―these are three things any bride wants her wedding shoes to be. Boots are all these needs answered. Go berserk with colors, patterns, material, and length. Just savor the whimsical value that they’ll add to your ensemble!

Colored Shoes

You’re contemplating doing something unconventional, but don’t want to give up on quintessential wedding shoes. Colored wedding shoes are the answer for you. They’re quirky, but don’t go overboard while they’re at it. The only difference between them and traditional wedding shoes is the color. The images here highlight the best colors for wedding shoes, keeping in mind that they’ll contrast the breathtaking white of your wedding dress beautifully. For brides who’re clueless about their something blue, you have a winner here!

Kitschy Stuff

For the bride who doesn’t give a hoot about what the world thinks, here are some fabulous ideas for offbeat wedding shoes. This is your ultimate chance to experiment with your shoes. Get a pair of plain pumps and glam it up by sticking rhinestones. Printed shoes are the rage, so if you want something seriously quirky, these are perfect for you.

Before you run off and get yourselves a pair, pay heed to these tips.

Keep the weather in mind when deciding on shoes. Monsoon and winter weddings call for boots. For summer and fall, you can do with flip-flops or sandals.

Along with the weather, the location too affects the feasibility of your shoes. So, remember to factor that in as well.
If you buy a pair of shoes that are going to cause you discomfort after a while, have a pair of comfortable ones as backup.

Break into your shoes at least 3 weeks before the wedding to ensure prolonged comfort.
Pick a heel height you’re comfortable with. For example, if you’re not accustomed to wearing stilettos, opt for kitten heels or wedges.