Traditional Wedding Cake Ideas for You

They say “old is gold”. They are right. Classics are revered and looked upon lovingly due to a very good reason, you know. Class, elegance, a sense of regality, all draped into one element known as “classic”. So it is perfectly understandable if you want to go for a traditional feel for your wedding. The same also applies for traditional wedding cake ideas. Some people find the experimental element somewhat of a fun thing to do. They might feel you are going with the same boring themes. However, what they cannot deny is the fact that experiments and fun can sometimes go horribly wrong and result in a catastrophe of gigantic proportions.

Sometimes, going with a safe option is not just beneficial, but no one ever dislikes or hates traditional, tried and tested ways. You can be sure that if not a huge hit, it will at least not be a disaster. Moreover, with a nice, trendy, sassy touch to the traditional cake designs, you can be sure you will find a hit. Here we describe some popular traditional wedding cake ideas that are sure to linger on in your mind well after you have finished reading this blog entry-

Traditional Wedding Cakes

A traditional wedding cake would typically be a white, multi-tiered cake with the cake topper of bride and groom figurines or a floral topper. One of the dainty yet traditional wedding cake ideas would be to put up a personalized picture of the couple as a wedding cake topper instead of traditional figurines. If you are in love with the idea of regal white figurines, and want to stick with it, you can make some changes like putting in some vibrant hues of your choice. Suppose the bride’s favorite color is pink while the groom’s is blue, you can put in some soft hues in the wedding cake. You can choose some classy white wedding cake with intricate designs. If you like to show it off, the thing to do would be going for an eleven-tiered cake. This is as good as it gets. You can go with traditional carrot cupcakes or muffins for wedding cupcake ideas.

Themed traditional wedding cakes

So, you have a theme for your wedding but want to go with a traditional cake, you do not worry! We have the best traditional cake ideas for a theme wedding as well. A Hawaiian wedding theme? Just make the wedding cake topper’s figurines wear Hawaiian costumes, in white or a touch a color won’t hurt as well. You could of course use white fondant for Hawaiian themed cake decorations. Obviously, if your theme is based on some color, you will have to add some colorful hues to the cake, or you never know, a traditional white wedding cakesin the middle of all the color might just work well! You can use a heart shaped, yet tiered and white colored cake for a heart themed wedding. Adding a touch of new to the old traditional ways will be a beautiful idea loved by all. It will be something that will please the elders in the family and still, not be boring. Now, if you want to go all traditional, you can of course do that. Don’t forget, all royal weddings take place in a traditional manner. Traditional, classic styles never go out of fashion.

Simple wedding cakes

You don’t need to go with an elaborate traditional cake if simplicity is what suits you. A cake decorated with white fondue to resemble silk drapes, peonies, roses, pearls, etc. are excellent ideas to go with for a very traditional simple wedding cakes.

Traditional Wedding Cake Flavors

Creamy Cheesecake, Silken Vanilla, White cake with a hint of Almond, Tangy Lemon, or Orange, Rich Dark Chocolate, and Strawberry Swirl are some traditional cake flavors’ ideas that you can go with. Butter cream- be it chocolate, vanilla, or butterscotch is the ultra-rich, heavenly elegant looking and tasting cake cream to go with. If you choose a good wedding planner, the baker taking order for the wedding cake will help you choose the right thing for your wedding.

These were some of the best traditional wedding cake ideas. For choosing the perfect cake, you need to contact the best caterer in town, who will do a deep analysis of your choices and would know just the right thing for you. Hope this article was helpful to you, and has given you a great deal of choice with your picking of the best suitable traditional wedding cake.